Archive 26:2 (Mar/Apr 2023) is out now. Archive is the magazine for RISC OS users, published since 1987. It is entirely produced on RISC OS and published in the UK, but distributed to 18 countries around the world. Subscriptions cost £35 for the digital edition, £40 for UK print, and £58 for rest of the world. Payment is via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Full details are available at www.archivemag.co.uk/subscriptions.html


Work is under way on the next issue of Archive (26:2) which will be going 

to the printers in early December. Contributions in the form of articles 

are always very welcome, but there are other ways to get involved. Please 

get in touch if you can help with any of the following:

News - have something newsworthy to report? Something you've created or 

been involved in?

Cover - Archive's cover features photography from RISC OS users, often 

something from their local area, especially if appropiately seasonal.

Lesser spotted RISC OS - Most users have useful applications tucked away 

which have been long forgotten by the rest of the community, yet still 

work fine on RISC OS 5. Archive 26:1 started a brand new column to 

highlight these forgotten gems. Why not take the column over for an issue, 

and tell us about your favourites? To give you an idea, the first column 

kicked off with TopTen from Benoît Gilon, WinSnap from Tony Houghton, and 

LockDir from Paul Vigay.

Letters and emails - Comments on anything RISC OS-related.

Programming - Yellow Pages is alive, and features short, interesting 

programs. It's usually BBC BASIC, but other languages are welcome, 

particularly Python.

Hints & Tips - Everyone can help with these! Have some little RISC OS 

trick that others may not know about?

Email gavin@archivemag.co.uk if you can help with any of the above, it 

would be most welcome!

Don't miss the most recent issue, Archive 26:1, featuring the following 


Pinboard 2.0 early review - Mark Stephens

Interview with David Pilling - Andy Marks

Resuscitating Dr Wimp - John McCartney

String art in ArtWorks - Richard Ashbery

Lesser spotted RISC OS - Andy Marks

Compute Module 4 progress - Chris Hall

RISC OS Arcade - Andrew Oyston

Pick up a PIC Part 2 - Rob Sprowson

User dictionary for eSpeak - Harriet Bazley

Acorn Retro - Colin Piggot

Yellow Pages - Nicholas Cutler

... as well editorial comment, Hints and Tips, and a full roundup of RISC 

OS news.

Archive is the magazine for RISC OS users, published since 1987. It is 

entirely produced on RISC OS and published in the UK, but distributed to 

18 countries around the world. Subscriptions cost £35 for the digital 

edition, £40 for UK print, and £58 for rest of the world. Payment is via 

PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Full details are available at 



Digital copies of Archive 26:1 should have been with all subscribers last week — and it looks like the paper copy arrived with UK subbers today. I hope you enjoy the issue!

Here's an announcement regarding John McCartney's work on recreating Dr Wimp's Surgery:

"As of today, Tuesday 1st November, Archive magazine is hosting Ray Favre's book 'Dr Wimp's Surgery'. It has been reborn thanks to the former editor of the magazine, the late Jim Nagel, and John McCartney. There is an article describing its gestation in the current issue of the magazine, Archive 26:1.

The book is a free download as a PDF file. It is as faithful a recreation of the second edition (from March 2003) as possible apart from the addition of a new foreword and an explanation of some necessary minor changes.

It is intended that a third edition should appear in due course which will reflect the changes made to the included DrWimp library which was at version 3.80 in 2003 whereas it currently stands at version 5.02.

John has the layout well in hand, however, it has been a single-handed effort so far and he would like some help to complete this next phase of the project. He is not a programmer so will need assistance in the form of suggestions for improvements, correction of errors and general criticism of the changes to readability which he has made so far.

I would like to reprint the second edition in the same format as the original, A5 and spiral bound. I need to assess interest in this aspect of the project so if you might consider buying it, please let me know at the address below. Once the number of potential buyers is known, I will get quotes from the printer and assess the viability of proceeding to print.

I can be contacted at gavin@archivemag.co.uk

The book can be found at drwimp.archivemag.co.uk

John can be contacted at docwimp@gmail.com."

- Gavin


The summer months are traditionally quiet in RISC OS circles. Things usually start heating up again just in time for the London show, but, alas, that has been cancelled this year. Anyone who makes physical products for a small market like RISC OS, knows how vital the shows are — hopefully the London show returns next year.

Still, there is lots to look forward to over the coming months, including the release of RISC OS 5.30. Keep an eye on the readiness of each port, as we edge towards release. October finally also sees the start of a new volume of Archive. It won't have escaped anyone that the prices of, well, just about everything have gone up, so we've made a couple of changes in the new issue to ensure Archive continues to be published well into the future. Archive Volume 26 Issue 1 will be published this month (October).

- Gavin

Archive Magazine at the Wakefield Show


It's nearly show time again! If you've seen the news in the latest Archive (and just about everywhere else too), you'll know that the Wakefield show temporarily has a different venue this year, the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford. Archive will be there, of course, with the brand new issue, as well as complete bundles of the latest volume at a special show price. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this one, so Colin Piggot (Archive's Acorn Retro columnist) has stepped up and he will be manning the stand. Some of you may have met Colin, who made a guest appearance on the Archive stand at the London show last year. Please stop by, say hello to Colin, and check out the latest issue! I will be back on the stand at the London show in October, as well as next year's Wakefield.

Here are the Wakefield 2022 show prices:

    • Latest single issue £6.99

    • Full Volume 25 (six issues, inc. latest) £30 (special show price!)

    • New UK print subscription £40

    • New digital subscription £35

We will also be taking preorders for the new Archive Archived compilation, a back catalogue of Archive's extensive collection, finally launching this summer:

    • DVD or download £20

    • USB stick £25

Archive is pleased to support Wakefield 2022, and has donated a full year's subscription to Archive Magazine, or a one year extension for existing subscribers, to the show's prize draw. There are other great prizes up for grabs, including the grand prize from RISCOSbits, a PiRO Noir 2128 computer. Check out the full list. Tickets cost £1 each (max of two tickets per person).

Archive's stand is at table 2, right beside the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club at the entrance. We will be looking rather natty with our brand new banner on display, so you can't miss us.

Wakefield 2022 takes place at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, on Saturday 21st May 2022, from 10.30am to 4pm. If you can, please come along and support all those working hard to grow the RISC OS scene. More details are at https://www.wakefieldshow.org.uk

- Gavin