Welcome to a brand new 52 page issue of Archive Magazine. 

After a comprehensive news roundup, Chris Johns leads us in creating Toolbox apps with Python. (Incidentally, this is our fifth Python-related article in Archive in recent times). 

Next, we have an introduction to Partition Manager, followed by Hearsay, our interview column. In the hot seat for this issue is Andrew Rawnsley, with his gaming hat on. Find out how RISC OS got Doom, Quake and more! (Also, don't miss who our special guest is for the next issue - none other than Eben Upton, who speaks exclusively to Archive, coming up in Archive 26:5). 

There aren't too many people who know the intricacies (both good and bad) of RISC OS as much as Nemo - Nemo's nibbles is a new series, collecting little snippets of interesting info. Nemo also has an article explaining MetaSprite, his module that brings the RISC OS Sprite into the 21st century  — a fantastic read. 

Chris Hall explores RiscPCB, and tells us the pitfalls he fell into, so we can avoid them. Chris also explains "Setting the time" on RISC OS and tells you why it's not as simple as you might think! 

Richard Ashbery starts a two-part series using RISC OS BASIC to create simple circle animations — code included. Two reviews of recent RISCOSbits kit may tempt you to open your wallet. And Archive favourites, Computer bits, Acorn Retro, Letters and emails, Hints & tips, and Yellow Pages round out the issue. Phew!

Thanks to everyone who got involved in this issue. The digital edition is out now, and the printed version will be dropping through letterboxes around the world shortly. Not a subscriber? It's not too late to subscribe now and get the latest issue! Click here for more information.