Archive Magazine 25:6 - Apr/May 2022

Related Files

Articles in Archive often have accompanying files to download, such as programs, PDFs and other resources. These files can be unzipped on a RISC OS computer using SparkFS.

p. 11 A Cog in the Machine

• Cogwheel resources, RISC OS branding in various formats Download (Zip)

p.17 A third RISC OS distro

• Table A: Application directories Download (PDF)

• Table B: Applications Download (PDF)

• Table C: Development tools Download (PDF)

• Table D: System Items Download (PDF)

• Table E: Books and Manuals Download (PDF)

• Table F: Games Download (PDF)

• Table G: Pinboard Download (PDF)

p.20 RPCEmu on Linux Mint

• Installation guide Download (PDF)

p.31 Queues and Objects

• Lue queue library, NullE wimp program Download (Zip)

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