The following alphabetic lists of URLs that are mentioned in Archive Magazine and in the Archive compilation Booklets are provided here simply to save you having to type them in from the printed page.

URLs: Magazine VRPC In Use Booklets

Recent issues:
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Earlier issues and other publications:

The following URLs are mentioned in Archive magazine Volume 23 Number 11:

Pages Articles (Authors) Links
2 "Ednotes"
(Jim Nagel)
3 "Multiplying the Pi's ports"
(Somnath Bera)
9 "The Wimp for non-programmers"
(Richard Ashberry)
15 "A case for two contenders"
(Chris Hall)
21 "Plingstore: a review"
(Bernard Boase)
20 "Arduino: fun hardware projects"
(Kris Adcock)
21 "hint&tip"
(Jim Nagel)
- "Riscos contacts"

The following URLs are mentioned in the edition of VirtualRPC In Use published in Archive in 2010 and are provided here for the convenience of readers who bought it at that time:

VirtualRPC In Use [updated] [updated]

The following URLs are mentioned in the Archive compilation booklets indicated (greyed-out links below are no longer valid):

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10
Book 1 "Messenger Pro
in Action"
Books 2 & 8 "VirtualRiscPC in Use" (Volumes 1 & 2) Note that these two compilation booklets are now out of print following publication of the 2010 version above, but the URLs remain here for readers who bought the earlier versions:
Book 3 "Networking RISC OS
and Other Platforms"
Book 4 "Wimp Programming in C"
Book 5 "Internet Searching"
Book 6 "StrongED Applications"
(Volume 1)
Book 7 "StrongED Applications"
(Volume 2)
Book 8 "VirtualRiscPC in Use" (Volume 2) out of print, see Books 2 & 8 above
Book 9 "Ovation Pro"
Book 10 "The Engineer & Friends"