The ArcScan database is available for searching online. The following link will take you directly to the online search page:

search the ArcScan database online

The ArcScan database is an index of all articles published in Archive magazine since the very first issue. It includes 'hints and tips' items as well as major articles. The database also indexes the files made available each month on this website (and previously on a monthly CD) in support of each issue of the magazine. In addition, all articles published in the now discontinued Living with Technology magazine are indexed.

When searching the online database you can search the entire database or just one volume or just a single issue. Results can be presented as a simple list or in a tabular format. Together with the title and the name of the author, one or two short sentences are given summarising the content of each article.

The articles themselves are available on CD or DVD (see Products), or you may of course have kept your own set of the printed magazines.

If you want to download the ArcScan data rather than search it, see the Files page.

The ArcScan database is maintained by Kris Adcock, who took over from Eric Ayers who did it for many years.

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