Three possible payment methods:
      • sterling cheque to Abbey Press (post to 32 Norbins Road, Glastonbury);
      • direct bank transfer (details at bottom of this page and also in the magazine);
      • visit the Archive stand at any RISC OS show and pay in person.
At present Archive has no way of accepting payment by credit or debit card — bank charges for handling cards are just too high.

For further details of the items below, just click.

Product Region Price by cheque or online transfer
Archive Magazine (12 issues)
United Kingdom £50
Rest of Europe £56
Outside Europe £62
Compilation Booklets ALL   £5.00 for 1
£10.00 for 2
£15.00 for 3
£20.00 for 5
£24.00 for 6
£28.00 for 8
Monthly Files no charge
DVD Volume 23
(now in preparation)

(see Products) for details
ALL £21
** Double CD Volume 23
(CD edition will be duplicated only upon request; please email)**
DVD upgrade from DVD or CDs Volume 22 ALL £11
** CD upgrade from Volume 21
(CD edition will be duplicated only upon request; please email)**
Living with Technology CD (complete) ALL £15
upgrade from Volume 1 £10
upgrade from Volume 1.5 £6

Here are Archive's bank details for direct payment via your own online or telephone banking. There is normally no fee.

Beware that some bank systems will truncate long names in transmission, so please:
  • do state your postcode or Archive membership number in the transaction, and
  • also send us a separate email to confirm.

sortcode 08-92-50 Co-op Bank, HQ
account 7072 6592 Abbey Press
IBAN GB32 CPBK 0892 5070 7265 92
BIC or SWIFT CPBKGB22   [correct, i.e. not GB32; note no space]