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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter T.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
Tag a code embedded in an HTML document to tell Web browsers how to display a portion of the text or an image
Tapestreamer computer data has, for many years, been stored on magnetic tape - this is a basically inefficient method in the sense that if you are at one end of the tape and the data you want is at the other end, it can take a long time to reach the information - however, it is very efficient in the sense that the medium, magnetic tape, can be very inexpensive per megabyte - atapestreamer is a glorified (video) tape recorder controlled by the computer and is used mainly for backup storage purposes
Task manager this is the Acorn icon at the far right of the iconbar - it is an application that controls the allocation and use of memory within the computer
TCP Transmission Control Protocol - the protocol which sits above IP and implements a reliable connection between two hosts using the unreliable packet transmission capabilities of IP - data is passed down to TCP from the application protocols above i t is TCP's job to fragment each message into chunks which will conveniently fill an IP packet, labelling each chunk appropriately - at the other end of the connection, the remote host's TCP must reassemble the original message from the packets it receives from IP below and pass it up to the correct application protocol - if any of the chunks is missing, it must ask the other end to resend the lost ones - in this way, TCP simulates a direct connection between two hosts because messages sent in at one end will eventually pop out at the other end, in the same order
TCP/IP Transfer Control Protocol / Interface Protocol - this is a standard protocol for transferring data between different computers on a LAN or via modem link
Telnet logs on to a remote machine, giving two-way communication so you can type commands and get the screen output back
Telnet port if a machine has several different tasks or services accessible on Telnet, each will be accessed through a port - each port is identified by a four-digit number
Template a set of windows and dialogue boxes that have been designed for use within an application
Terminal emulator a program that allows your computer to pretend that it is an unintelligent box capable of sending and receiving textual information - Telnet is accessed by a terminal emulator
TeX a typesetting language, allowing you to typeset complex mathematical documents (and more humble text documents) from the command line
TFT Thin Film Transistor - a superior type of LCD screen, also referred to as an 'active matrix display', often used for portable computer displays - each of the screen's pixels is controlled by its own transistor, affording an enhanced resolution and refresh rate
Thin client a simple client program or device which relies on most of the functionality of the system being located in the server
by the mid-1990s, it was thought that the model of decentralised computing, where each user has his own full-featured and independent microcomputer, had won over a centralised model where multiple users use thin clients (e.g. dumb terminals) to do work on a shared minicomputer or mainframe server - networked personal computers typically operate as "fat clients", often providing everything except some file storage and printing locally
reintroduction of thin clients is being proposed, especially for LAN-type environments - the main expected benefit of this is ease of maintenance: with fat clients, especially those suffering from the poor networking support of Microsoft operating systems, installing a new application for everyone is likely to mean having to physically go to every user's workstation to install the application, or having to modify client-side configuration options; whereas with thin clients the maintenance tasks are centralised on the server and so need only be done once
also, by virtue of their simplicity, thin clients generally have fewer hardware demands, and are less open to being screwed up by over-ambitious users
Thread a series of linked messages forming a discussion within a newsgroup that is all on the same subject - normally, a followup article will have the Subject line preceded with "Re:" - for example, in the newsgroup comp.sys.acorn.hardware, there might be a thread with the subject line "Re: Acorn's new machines"
Thumb an extension of the 32-bit ARM architecture - the Thumb instruction set features a subset of the most commonly used 32-bit ARM instrucxtions compressed into 16-bit wide op-codes - processors that are 'Thumb-aware' are aimed at embedded control applications, e.g. laser printers, modems etc.
TIFF (files) Tagged Image File Format - a very versatile format for storing and transferring bit-mapped graphics
Time Time Protocol (RFC 868 - provides a machine-readable date and time. It can be either TCP or UDP on port 37. Date and time are sent as a 32-bit binary number
Title bar the bar along the top of a window that contains the name of that window
TLB Translation Look-aside Buffer - this is part of an ARM processor which helps it to access different areas of memory more quickly - basically, it's the bigger the buffer the better!
Toggle size icon the icon at the top righthand corner of a window that is used to extend and contract a window between its maximum size and the size and position to which you last reduced it
Tokenised when a Basic program is stored, it is usually stored with each keyword represented by a single byte rather than as a string of ASCII codes - these single bytes are referred to as tokens
Toner this is the pigment, in the form of a fine powder, used in a laser printer (or photocopier)
Toolbox a window or pane of tool icons - it may be free-standing or attached to another widow
TPI Tracks Per Inch - this is one way of specifying the amount of data you can store on your floppy discs, e.g. 800Kb 3½" discs (DD) are 135tpi
TPoP Traditional PoP - Demon only have a few of these left - they have there own set of modems and computers to log you in
Tracking in some applications, the spacing between individual letters within a block of text can be controlled - this is called tracking - if the tracking is changed, the spacing between all the characters is increased or decreased - this is distinct from kerning which relates to the spacing between individual pairs of characters
Trackpad/point a pointing device replacing the conventional mouse, which allows the pointer to be moved by sliding a finger around a touch-sensitive surface - tapping the pad emulates the mouse select button
Transparency mask an optional part of a sprite that defines which pixels of that sprite are transparent
TRM Technical Reference Manual - term used to refer to the optional hardware manual for Acorn computers
Trojan a sort of virus although it does not replicate itself - it is something which is hidden in a file and, when activated, it does terrible damage ... like a Friday 13th thingy - obviously named after the Trojan Horse
Trojan horse a program that pretends to do, or does, something useful, but which contains code that does something else - this can range from printing silly messages on your screen to trashing your hard drive - it's the network equivalent of a virus
Troll a newsgroup post that is deliberately incorrect, intended to provoke readers; or a person who makes such a post
TSV Tab Separated Variables - a standard way in which data is stored in a file where the items of data are separated by tab characters

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