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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter N.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
Name Server see Domain name
Net another name for the Internet
Net. a way of referring to a person on the net, e.g.
Net.god - one who has been online since the beginning, who knows all and who has done it all;
Net.personality - somebody sufficiently opinionated/flaky/with plenty of time on his hands to regularly post in dozens of different Usenet newsgroups, whose presence is known to thousands of people;
Net.police - derogatory term for those who would impose their standards on other users of the Net - often used in vigorous flame wars (in which it occasionally mutates to net.nazis)
Netiquette the "rules" of the Internet - when you first get connected to the Internet don't immediately leap in and start posting messages, wait a few weeks (at least) to get the feel of the place and the people:
don't use all capital letters because it will be read as SHOUTING
don't post a mailshot to users without their permission
don't post methods of 'getting rich quick'
don't post confidential information
don't ask FAQs (ask instead where to find the group's FAQ)
don't use very long signatures (it costs people to load them)
don't quote large amounts of other people's messages (as this is also a waste of time and money)
NetNews aka News - news transferred using the NNTP protocol
Netscape a World Wide Web browser program - currently (late 1995) the most used browser on the Web - its attractions include its cross-platform support (the program is available for PCs, Macs and a number of different types of Unix workstation), and its speed (it shows you the text and graphics of a Web page as they arrive at your computer, rather than waiting for the whole page to be downloaded) - it is free to educational establishments and charities, and can be downloaded free for evaluation by others - one problem is that Netscape introduces various non-standard 'extensions' to the Web authoring language, HTML, which are not supported by other browsers - Acorn users of the Internet are most likely to encounter the influence of Netscape in the form of oddly laid out or unreadable Web pages, possibly bearing messages such as "this page looks best in Netscape" or "the page only works with Netscape" - the latest version (v2.0) also supports JAVA
Network a means of connecting a number of computers together so that they can share data and the use of peripherals - there a number of types LAN and WAN - if you connect two computers together you get a network - if you connect 10 computers together you get a network - if you connect 10 networks together you get a network - if you connect 10 million networks you get a network, only this one is called the Internet
Network computer one particular implementation of a thin client (q.v.) - it is intended to be a computer which uses the Internet (or a local network) to connect to the systems where all of its applications software is kept
Newbie a new user of the Internet or of a particular service - this is not a pejorative term
News often referred to as the Usenet News Groups - discussion areas where anyone can post messages for others to read and reply to - there are over 10,000 newsgroups for discussion on just about any subject area - the Newsbase setup window lets you decide which groups you want to join/subscribe to, i.e. which ones it should fetch
News server machines to which you connect to send and receive news
NewsFeed aka News server
Newsgroup a forum for discussing a subject, the title of the newsgroup (hopefully) giving the subject area - you can start a new discussion, known as a thread, or reply to existing postings - see also News
Newsreader a program that allows you access to articles on a Usenet server
NFS Network File System - a protocol developed by Sun and defined in RFC 1094 which allows a computer to access files over a network as if they were on its local disc
Nibble four binary bits, i.e. two nibbles make a byte
NIC Network Information Center - as close as an Internet-style network gets to a hub - it's usually where you'll find information about that particular network
NFS Network Filing System - Acorn's filing system for use on networks
NLQ Near Letter Quality - amiddle range printing standard
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol - the application protocol (defined in RFC 997) used to transfer Usenet articles between news servers
Node a computer or server attached to the network
NSA line eater the more aware/paranoid Net users believe that the National Security Agency has a super-powerful computer assigned to reading everything posted on the Net - they will jokingly (?) refer to this line eater in their postings
NSF National Science Foundation - this funds the NSFNet, the backbone of the Internet in the US
NTP Network Time Protocol - a protocol that ensures accurate local timekeeping with reference to radio and atomic clocks located on the Internet - this protocol is capable of synchronising distributed clocks within milliseconds over long time periods (see RFC 1305, previously RFC 1119)

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