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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter L.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
LAN Local Area Network - a general term for a means of connecting computers together on one site so that they can share information - Econet and Ethernet are examples of LANs
LaTeX a set of resources which make using the TeX typesetting language easier and more productive
LCD Liquid Crystal Display - a display technology used for calculators, digital camera monitors and early portable computers, in the latter case now generally superseded by DSTN and TFT technologies
Leading this refers to the spacing between lines in printed text - the term comes from the days of mechanical typesetting where bits of lead strip were used to separate one line from the next
Leafname the last part of the pathname, i.e. the name of the file or directory being referred to
Leased line any circuit or combination of circuits designated to be at the exclusive disposal of a given user
Letter box mode there are some monitors that were never designed to display screen modes of the like of Acorn modes 12, 15, etc - some are completely incapable of displaying them whereas others can display them but with a somewhat reduced vertical height, the shape being likened to the mouth of a letter box
Linker when using a compiler, this is the program that joins the object code from various sub-programs, including the library routines, to form the final executable machine code program
Lisp a high level computer language often associated with artificial intelligence programming
Login connecting to a computer involves typing a user name and a password before access is given - you can log into remote computers on the Internet using Telnet or FTP
Logoff disconnect from a host system
Low level language a language which involves programming the computer at the level of one written instruction (or mnemonic) for each machine code instruction
Lurker someone who reads Usenet articles but makes no contribution and is therefore transparent to other users - sometimes used as a derogatory term but there are, by contrast, those who just have to say something about every topic, whether it adds anything or not!

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