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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter K.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
KA9Q another name for !TCPIP - it was originally written on a PC for use with packet radio and KA9Q was the author's call sign
Kb Kilobyte - pproximately one thousand bytes of computer data (actually, it is 210 = 1024 bytes)
KDE K Development Environment - one of the two main windowing environments for Linux, Gnome being the other
Kermit a set of file transfer protocols, and a terminal emulator that is widely used on PC's and Unix computers
Kernel the "kernel" of an operating system is the core section or sections that run in a privileged mode, performing the sorts of operations that you wouldn't normally want to let a user deal with - the idea is that the kernel is a secure, known piece of software which is allowed access everywhere, while other more experimental or replaceable parts of the OS can be limited to their own playpens - for example, if you are writing a driver for a new video card, it's nice to be certain that no matter how much the user lies to your software, he's still not going to be able to get it to write all over your hard disc!
exactly what goes into the kernel varies greatly from OS to OS; NT4, for example, puts quite a lot of the OS into the kernel (including the video drivers!), while other "microkernels" may contain the bare minimum task and memory management
Kerning this refers to the spacing between individual pairs of characters - to improve the look of printed text, certain character pairs need to be printed closer together than others - it can also refer to shifting characters up or down relative to one another
Kill file a list of people whose messages you don't want to read, i.e. their messages just get deleted immediately - also used to ignore topics not of interest to you
Kilostream a line leased from BT that provides 64Kbits/s data transfer rates

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