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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter H.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
Half Duplex an asynchronous communications protocol in which the communications channel can handle only one signal at a time - the communicating stations alternate between transmission and reception
Handshake (1) two modems trying to connect, first do this to agree on how to transfer data
Handshake (2) a series of signals sent back and forth between sending modem and receiving modem to ensure that data is not lost through overflow, i.e. if the data is arriving faster than the computer is storing it
Handshake (3) at a computer level, it is the process of agreeing about a protocol and also the process of exchanging protocol information
Hard drive a case containing a number of rigid metal discs covered with magnetised material that can be used to store data - it usually has a capacity of several megabytes or even gigabytes
HD hard drive
HDTV High Definition TeleVision, not to be confused with widescreen TV - HDTV is television transmitted at double the resolution of current services - this requires a special television set capable of receiving the beefed up signal - HDTV takes up more bandwidth space than lower resolution transmissions, so most broadcasters have opted to transmit more channels within their allocated transmission space rather than go with HDTV
Header the top of an email or Usenet message containing the details of the sender, date, time, routing and other technical information - much of the header is of limited interest to the average user, and is therefore sometimes filtered out by an email or newsreader package
Hierarchical this is usually used in referring to the data structure on storage media - see Directory
High density
floppy discs
discs that can store approximately 1,600Kb of data when formatted under ADFS or up to 1,440Kb when formatted under MSDOS
High level language this refers to a computer language in which instructions that the programmer enters are each converted into a number of machine code instructions by a compiler or an interpreter - Basic, Fortran, C etc are high level languages, whereas assembly language is a low level language
Holy war arguments that involve certain basic tenets of faith, about which one cannot disagree without setting one of these off - for example: IBM PCs are inherently superior to Macintoshes
Host from a user's point of view, a host is a computer or service which allows you access to the Internet. - more technically, it is a computer running a protocol stack which is connected to a network - each host has a numeric address which is unique to the network, and usually a host name as well - in this context, the protocol stack will probably be the Internet Protocol Suite, the network will be the Internet and the numeric address will be an IP address
Host Name the name given to an individual computer, e.g. the machine that handles mail at Demon is called "post", and combining this with its domain gives its full Internet address of - you can invent your own hostname when joining Demon
Hourglass this is the egg-timer thing that appears on the screen all too often, telling you that the application is taking a long time to do something and that it doesn't want interrupting
HSV Hue Saturation Value - this is a colour-picking system for use in DTP
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language - language for creating Web pages
HTTP HA variant of HTTP for handling secure (encrypted) data exchange on the Web by means of the SSL protocolyper Text Transport Protocol - for fetching linked Web pages
HTTPS a variant of HTTP for handling secure (encrypted) data exchange on the Web by means of the SSL protocol
Hub a device to connect computers on the same network/segment of a network together - every piece of information transmitted is sent to all the other computers/devices connected to the hub - typically they run at 10Mbs
Hypertext a system enabling a reader to move between related pieces of information by clicking on linking keywords or pictures

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