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This page contains glossary terms beginning with the letter G.
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Word or Term Description or Explanation
Gateway a computer which links together two or more separate networks
Gb Gigabyte - approximately one thousand million bytes of computer data (actually, it is 1K × 1K × 1Kb = 230 = 1024 × 1024 × 1024 = 1,073,741,824 bytes.)
Genlock this is a device which enables the output from the computer's video system to synchronised with a normal video signal so that computer-generated text and graphics can be superimposed on the video signal
Get a life what to say to somebody who has, perhaps, been spending a wee bit too much time in front of a computer
GIF Graphics Interchange Format - a standard format for storing and transferring bit-mapped graphics in compressed format
GIMP Graphic Image Manipulation Package - the standard GNU bitmap paint package
Gnome one of the two main windowing environments for Linux, KDE being the other
GNU a recursive acronym, standing for "GNU's not Unix" - it is the name of a project begun by Richard Stallman's Free Software Foundation to write a freeware Unix system to replace the (then) commercial Unixes - they didn't actually succeed, per se, but did produce a wide variety of tools and free versions of common Unix utilities which have subsequently been ported to a variety of platforms - the best known of these tools are the EMACS editor and the GCC, the GNU C Compiler
GnuPG a free replacement for PGP
Gopher essentially a text-only precursor of the World Wide Web - the user explores a Gopher server using a menu-driven interface. - pges of textual information are often available, and also search interfaces to databases - largely died the death since the World Wide Web stole its thunder
Gopherspace the facilities and information linked together by Gopher servers
Graphically rich
online documents
text with added pictures!
Grey levels a photograph may have some areas completely white and some completely black - most areas, however, will be somewhere in between - if you wish to represent that picture electronically, you have to judge the 'greyness' of each part of the picture - if you represent this on a scale of 0 to 15 (16 grey levels), it will not give such a faithful representation of the picture as if 64 or 256 grey levels were used - however, the more grey levels used to represent each point on the picture, the more data is being used - for example, in 256 grey levels, a full A4 picture scanned at 400 d.p.i. could occupy as much as 12Mb!
Group id (GID) a number used to identify a group of users in the Unix operating system(s)
GUI Graphical User Interface - at one time, virtually all interaction between humans and computers was done on the basis of the human typing words or codes into some form of keyboard, and the displays were only able to show text characters, not graphical images - as computing power became more accessible, it became possible to provide a form of interaction that was based far more on pictures (icons) within windows on the screen - the user could then indicate choice and initiate action by using a mouse or trackerball to move a pointer around the screen
GZIP Gnu Zip - a popular compressed file format

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