Software in support of features in the most recent issues of the magazine can be downloaded from this website for no extra charge. The files are stored in Zip files which can be read using !SparkFS or !Sparkplug. The following are currently available:
Recent issues:
files for Archive 24:4 (2018 April)
files for Archive 24:3 (2017 April)
files for Archive 24:2 (2016 October)
files for Archive 24:1 (2016 April)

Earlier issues:
Volume Issue Downloads
Volume 23 Number 12 Volume 23 Number 12
Number 11 Volume 23 Number 11
Number 10 Volume 23 Number 10
Number  9 Volume 23 Number 9
Number  8 Volume 23 Number 8
Number  7 Volume 23 Number 7
Number  6 Volume 23 Number 6
ArcScan Volume 23
CDs/DVDs CD/DVD Corrections
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