Volume 23 Number 7

The following files contain software in support of features in Volume 23 Number 7 of the magazine.
Page File Content Download File
15 Jim Nagel's JPEG and Sprite files size comparison 2307a.zip 660 KB
29 files for Jim Lesurf's !Soundcheck program 2307b.zip 13.2 KB
35 spreadsheets for Gerald Fitton's 'Illusions' article 2307c.zip 26.9 KB
40 files for Nicholas Cutler's 'JPEG compression' article 2307d.zip 2.73 KB
57 files for Rob Johnson's 'GCC' article 2307e.zip 33.0 KB
61 files for Pete Nowosad's 'Charm' article 2307f.zip 0.39 KB
Link to ArcScan data for Volume 23 ArcScan Volume 23
Zip files can be read using !SparkFS or !Sparkplug.
If you have any difficulty downloading the files, please Contact us.

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