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Other search methods

zip icon You can download the Arcscan data [[and Arcscan app]] and then run the search on your own machine rather than online. See the Files page. (Fetch fresh Arcscan data after each new issue of the magazine.)

dvd icon The DVD containing all previous volumes of Archive has its own search tools. (You will still need Arcscan to search current issues.)

Search your printed copies of the magazine

Click here to search your printed copies of Archive, thanks to the online Arcscan database.

You can search the entire database or just one volume or just a single issue. Results can be presented as a simple list or in a tabular format. The title, the author’s name and one or two short sentences are given to summarize the content of each article.

The articles themselves are available on the DVD or CD (see Products), or you might of course have kept your own set of the printed magazines.

The Arcscan database was begun by the late Eric Ayers and is now maintained by Kris Adcock.