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Archive has always had a “two free trial issues” policy. If you have never subscribed or have not read a copy for several years, we would be pleased to send you the next two issues without obligation.

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About the magazine

Archive is a membership magazine and is available only on subscription; it is not sold through newsagents.

The magazine is published in support of the RiscOS computer operating system. Archive members – who include both RiscOS users and developers – range from experts to novices, from maths professors and photographers to vicars and strugglers. Topics in the magazine include:

Volume 23 Number 12

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To see the covers of all 12 issues of recent complete volumes, see Volume 22 and Volume 23.)

About the editor

Paul Beverley founded Archive in 1987 when the Archimedes computer was new, and for 20 years he edited it every month like clockwork. Paul’s “last and final” issue (volume 20, number 12) went to press in August 2007, whereupon all the expertise Paul had gained he let loose into a wider world of editing and proofreading.

Jim Nagel (of Abbey Press Glastonbury) succeeded him as editor, albeit with less clockwork. Jim had for many years written the Acorn column in Computer Shopper magazine and worked as a sub-editor on The Times.