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Archive compilation booklets

The following Archive booklets bring together in a convenient form the combined wisdom on a range of different subjects as published in Archive magazine over the years. For printed copies, see the Prices page.

Links to the websites referred to in each of the booklets are provided on the URLs page for easy clicking.

1Messenger Pro in action10 articles plus various hints and tips on using R­Comp’s email client, Messenger Pro.
3Networking RISC OS and other platforms11 articles covering various aspects of linking RISC OS-based computers to computers using other operating systems: Mac OS, Linux and Windows.
4Wimp programming in C The series of 18 articles – at the time entitled C the Wimp – written by Paul Johnson, about using the C language to program the RISC OS user interface (windows, icons, mouse, pointer). The booklet’s printed title says “Volume 1” but that is an error: all 18 articles in fact appear in this single booklet.

zip/png   This booklet has associated files available for download (145K).

5Internet searchingA compilation of articles (which were written for a number of publications besides Archive), mainly about the tricks of the trade for homing in more accurately on what you want using Google.
6StrongEd applications (Vol.1) Articles ranging from “Starting StrongEd” to advanced search-and-replace, covering a wide range of uses of this ultra-powerful text editor.
7StrongEd applications (Vol.2)
9Ovation Pro15 articles plus seven years’ worth of hints and tips about using the Ovation Pro publishing application.
10The Engineer and friends21 articles by The Engineer (a.k.a. Ray Maidstone) about hardware matters, plus a range of hardware hints and tips.
Book 2“VirtualRPC in use” (Vol.1) VRPCcover/png These two Archive booklets – about the Virtual Acorn emulator that lets you run RISC OS on a Windows or Apple machine – are superseded by a combined 2018 edition. (Its description says “similar” but with “sundry improvements”). It and several Supplements (revised 2019) are available for free download from Virtual Acorn, thanks to the TOMS crew who first wrote the Archive articles.
Book 8“VirtualRPC in use” (Vol.2)

Possible future booklets

The following additional booklets are under consideration:

Please contact the editor if you would be interested in any of these, or to suggest a topic for a further compilation booklet.

Two books by Ray Favre

The late Ray Favre wrote two books about programming: Starting Basic and Dr Wimp’s Surgery.

Ray was a prolific writer of articles for Archive magazine over the years. When he died in 2010 he specified that Archive continue to keep his books and software available. His website – still online – has the details.