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DVD23 is now in preparation: the entire contents of Archive since 1987 up to the end of volume 23, fully linked and indexed.

RiscOS is a computer operating system used on Acorn Archimedes computers and their successors. Today’s post-Acorn developers offer up-to-date machines with names such as Titanium, ArmX6, Rapido and the popular Raspberry Pi.

RiscOS is the original operating system for the Arm processor – the Acorn Risc Machine – which Acorn invented in 1986 specifically to power its Archimedes. Today the Arm is by far the most popular microprocessor on the planet.

With its drag’n’drop desktop and vector graphics from day one, RiscOS is neither Microsoft nor Macintosh nor Linux nor Android, and its regular users much prefer it for its ease of use, consistency and stability. (RiscOS can run on these other platforms by means of an emulator.)

Archive magazine has been published ever since 1987 in support of RiscOS. It is a membership magazine: all articles are written by and for fellow members.

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